Sichen Sun

Mattress for Eggs

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designer: Sun, Sichen 孙思辰 
photography: Yang, Zheng 杨正

EGG6 is a packaging design for eggs. The spiral-shaped cuts on the board work like springs in a mattress, providing a soft and elastic support to the eggs inside of it. Both the lid and the tray have spiral buffers to alleviate the bumps and shakes that may happen in transport. A 1:1 model is made and tested viable.

This package is produced by punch forming cardboard. This process provides maximum reliability while the use of a singular, cheap material makes for an overall minimal cost. This 'mattress for eggs' utilises the properties of paper for the structure in a playful way.

Loose spiral line cuts within the design are tighter, stabler and harder while light spiral lines cuts are lighter, softer and more elastic. I therefore made the tray with loose cuts to hold the weight.Both the lid and the tray work as buffers to alleviate the bumps and shakes of the egg box.




Student Winner, Packaging Award, Core77 Design Awards 2016.